Infection Control

Our procedures and protocols have always been:

• Wearing new, disposable non-latex gloves while treating each patient.

• Wearing a face mask covering our mouth and nose and protective eyewear while treating patients.

• Disposable surgical gowns & caps during invasive treatment.

• Washing our hands with antibacterial soap between every patient.

• Wiping the treatment chair, equipment, countertops, and cabinets in the room after we see each patient with the highest-level disinfecting towelettes designed for hospitals and healthcare settings.

• Plastic barrier film or plastic coverings over our chair headrests and other areas commonly used.

•Using Rubber Dam barrier material when using our handpiece to lower the inhalation and exhalation of aerosol.

• All our instruments are run through a professional disinfectant, bagged, sealed and heat sterilized in our Midmark or Statim autoclave sterilizer machines.  Our machines are spore tested weekly by an independent company. 

We have added additional measures for the safety of our team and patients as follows:

• Additional personal protection equipment (PPE) for our team including face shields and NK95 masks.

• Cuffed scrub jackets changed after each patient.

• Additional intraoral suction appliances to minimize aerosol production:

Isodry continuous suction in all rooms for use during dental procedures. These continuous suction appliances are proven to reduce aerosols and splatter up to 90% during dental procedures.

• Additional hand sanitizer stations for our patients and staff.

• Acrylic barriers to protect our patients and team members at check in and check out.

Please Note: Any patient with COVID symptoms or a temperature will not be seen. (If it is an emergency, an after-hours appointment will be made to avoid contact with other patients and or staff members).

• Hand sanitizer is readily available throughout the office and all who are in our office are encouraged to use it.

• Common touched surfaces will be disinfected between patients by our staff.